Stutern's Research

Stutern's research is developed to help the job seekers and employees navigating the job markets. They are also designed to support the employers who are building the work environments to get work done. Overall, all stakeholders responsibe or interested in the ecosystem and the future of work can leverage on our research.

The Nigerian Graduate Report 2022

This 3rd edition of our bi-annual graduate employability report helps us understand the realities of graduates and the employment markets in Nigeria. In addition, this report highlights arguably the most relevant issues in the labour market; Covid-19, the tech boom and the growth of remote work.

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The Nigerian Graduate Report 2018

In this edition of the Nigerian Graduate Report, we bring to awareness, the importance of graduates productivity for an inclusive economic development.

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The Nigerian Graduate Report 2016

Stutern brings you the Nigerian Graduate report, a report aimed to democratize job opportunities in the economy. The report aims to empower all stakeholders to understand the state of youth employment in the Nigerian economy.

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