Frequently Asked Questions

What is Stutern?
What courses are offered?
What course is right for me?
What is the duration of the program?

Application & Enrollment Questions

What is the application process like?
Does the take-home task determine my admission into the program?
Can someone help out with my application task?
Can I apply for the program if I’m not a graduate or if I’m a beginner?
Must I be a Nigerian to apply

Tuition & Income Sharing Agreement (ISA) Questions

What payment options are available?
What if I don’t get a job immediately after graduation?
What if I don’t get a job through Stutern?
What if I get the money for the tuition after the program but before I get the job?
Can I switch my payment plan along the line?
Can I cancel or apply for a refund?
What if I want to complete my financial obligation within a shorter time?

Class Model & Schedule Questions

Are the classes physical or virtual?
What is the pre-course and is it mandatory?
What is the pre-course and is it mandatory?
Can the program be done at my own pace?
What days of the week do classes hold?
How flexible is the program?
I work full time. What options do I have?
Are there any offline activities at all?
How would theses offline activities work for those online?

Graduation Questions

Are there prerequisites for graduation?
Will certificates be given after the program is completed successfully?

Job Placement Questions

Is a job guaranteed for me after Stutern?
Do I have to take the first job I’m offered?
What happens if I don’t get a job after graduation?
Does Stutern get internship opportunities to help their learners gain real life experience?
Is the internship a paid internship?